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Best Way To Treat Scars?

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Okay so I started breaking out like crazy this summer and i've now been on accutane+diane 35 for about 2 months. And before this sudden break out my skin was pretty much flawless.. My acne is now starting to fade and what's left of it is mostly on my jaw and cheek bones. yet my face looks like somebody had hit me with a grater. I had like these nasty pustules that seem to have left deep scars and my face looks so horrible that i literally want to cry and throw up every time i look in the mirror.. I can't bear the thought that this is as good as it gets and i'm willing to do anything it takes to get rid of these scars. I have rolling scars and ice pick scars and my face is red as heck..

So i'm thinking about getting a dermaroller or pmd (personal microderm) after i'm done with my medication. Do you guys know which one works better for this type of scarring? And also when can i start using something like this after getting off of accutane?

I'm also thinking about getting some professional help at some point but there are so many options and i really can't afford to go to all of them. I've heard about different kind of face peels and laser treatments.. so if you've had something like this done i'd like to know how it worked out !

Also any tips on what products I should use to reduce scars would be much appreciated.

This whole thing is just so frustrating and i'm scared to death that my face is going to look like this for the rest of my life :C I haven't gone out for months and i've pretty much lost all my personal life to this thing. I just stay at home looking at old pictures of me and thinking what the hell happened ! The fact that all my friends have perfect skin doesn't help the way I feel..

Oh and ps. sorry about my english, I know it ain't perfect : p

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