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Retin-A Cream vs. Retin-A Gel

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Hi everyone!

I hope someone out there might have some information about plain old Retin-A, non-micro.

I found that most Retin creams contains Isopropyl Myristate which is considered to cause acne so I was looking to switch over to the gel. R.A.Micro is just to expensive.

I know that the gel is alcohol based and may be a bit drying over the cream base but what are its advantages over the cream?

And also why does the gel only come in 0.01% and 0.025%? Is it still as effective as the 0.05% cream base?


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The gel form of Retin-A is supposedly better for individuals w/very oily skin or people who live in humid climates. The cream is better for those who find the gel too drying and live in less-humid climes. (I used the RA .05% cream and all it did was break me out more, even after the "initial breakout period" was over).

The Retin-A gel probably only comes in the smaller concentrations because it is so drying, you don't really need much of the medication to do the trick, while the cream (which to me was actually more comedogenic) probably needed a higher concentration of trentinoin to get the job done.

Retin-A Micro is stronger (.1%) and, because of the microsponge delivery system, is gentler to your face. I'm using it right now (halfway through week 3) and my face seems to be doing just what it's supposed to be (breaking out all over the place) and hopefully in a month or so I'll start to see good results.

Hope this answers the questions for you! Good luck!

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my cousins a doc and he told me there wasn't much difference between retin-a .01 and .025. i asked him to give me the .025 figuring it would work faster. he just laughed and said it wouldn't and to be patient. i never asked him about the cream.

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