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Glycolic Acid Scar Help

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First to start off, never put anything higher than 40% glycolic acid on your face and never use it longer than 3 minutes before neutralizing it. If you've never heard of glycolic acid before do lots of research before trying it.

My mistake --> i was using 60% glycolic acid as a spot treatment, I left it on a pimple for 10 minutes. Now I have a red smark on my face, if I stretch the skin, it looks white. I believe I have a deep acid burn, at first it scabbed and now a scar remains.

This is what it looks like more than 1 year after the incident. Also before I took the picture I shaved my upper lip three times (down, sideways than up). It doesn't look so prominent with 1 days of hair growth.


What are the cheapest, simplest non doctor options that I have if any? I don't believe this will get much better over time. I am considering using a fine nail file to scrape off the skin, I believe I'll need to do it for a long time because I think the burn is pretty deep.

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Possibly hydroquinone? It just looks like hyperpigmentation right now. The good news is that it isn't permanent, but there are topicals that will speed the process up. It's such a tiny spot, though, so it seems a little silly to do peels for it.

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A vitamin A based cream/lotion would definitely help. Starlite is right it looks like hyperpigmentation to me too, and not a scar.

Also, a nail file?! No, very bad! Be gentle with this spot and give your body ample time to heal it. I had a burn on my hip once and the redness took over 2 years to fade. Using something unhygienic (even if you buy a new one) as a nail file could potentially cause actual scarring and/or infection. Especially being that close to your lip. If you want to help exfoliate your skin get a good facial scrub instead.

If the redness bothers you then pop a tiny spot of concealer on it and nobody will be able to tell it's there. Otherwise, let your body do its thing. :)

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