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Does Acneerasingsecrets Really Work?

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So I've recently stumbled upon the website : [Removed]

And it's very simple actually, and I was wondering, does it work? have any of you guys tried it and what do you think of it? I've tried howtoclearyouracne.org and spoke to Ray for a few weeks on it, in fact I tried his diet for 2 months, but saw no sign of improvement when it said you will see results within 27 days. A month or so after that I saw a Health care centre and did a test and found out I have a leaky gut Syndrome, but apparently my gut is healed now.

My question is, if I am still doing a diet from my nutritionist and doing certain things and taking certain supplements, would it be a bad idea to start acneerasingsecrets diet? I just don't want to start it and find out that it doesn't even work, it only takes 3 - 4 days to work apparently, so I'm curious, what should I do? the diet I'm currently on from my nutritionist, she said would take a few months, and I don't know long my patience can go on.

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Any method claiming results in 3-4 days is a scam. Why do they even offer a 60-day warranty if -according to them- you can clear up acne in 4 days? Just look at the price: value is $197, regular price is $97, and your price is $39. Red flag, pure marketing, all these websites selling ebooks look the same. And their other claims: "These Hidden Foods Will Eat Away Your Acne! Scientifically Proven". Trust me, there are no "hidden" foods (whatever that means), and there definitely is no conclusive scientific evidence about any food that guarantees you acne-free skin. Then this one: "New SHOCKING Breakthrough: Finally Revealed Inside… Discover how to get rid of acne overnight with this cheap liquid! (No one even knows this secret yet it’s so New!)". If no one knows about this "secret", then how would he know? I bet if you check out this website a year from now, the claim will still be there. Talk about "new"...

I'd say save yourself the money and frustration, focus on a balanced diet, good sleep routine, exercise and a proven regimen.

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I am defiantly not going to do anything with that guy now then. It's just how he said how he dealt with acne, and he had pictures of people getting rid of their acne in a week and all these comments from people have used his diet. Would that be his technique? So are you saying I should stick with my dietician who is telling me what she is doing for me will work?

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It's what they all say, Jekester. I could easily create a website and post testimonials. But how many people have tried his method? And how many of them have had success? If 100 people bought his ebook and only a handful of them got rid of acne and sent him a testimonial (provided it's even the result of his method and not something else), then it may look good on a website, but in fact it's a lousy result. Fact is: you can't tell. Are the testimonials even real? You said you've tried that Ray guys' diet and it didn't work. Didn't he promise acne-free skin, too? Did he post your bad experiences on his website? Don't buy it, man, there really is no scientific evidence that a certain diet will clear up acne. Maybe it works for some, but I'm convinced that diet alone is not enough for many people. If you trust your dietitian, stick with what s/he says, but unless you have some serious health issues or food intolerances, I doubt it'll be enough to completely clear up your acne. I hope it will, though, so good luck!

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dude i bought it and it sucks,, pretty much all he says is to eat healthy such as carrots and apples and then wash your face with nautraul products such as ACV baking soda, sea salt, astec healing clay and also to drink a lot of water,,,,

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