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Acne Scars (Check Gallery Album)

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Im struggling at the moment to find amything that can help. My dermatologist has supplied me 2 topical creams one for showers and one for before bed. So far they arent working too well. I'v even had a breakout around the mouth and chin area its really shitty :( i wanna bknow if there's foods i shld be avoiding oraybe something im drinking, my dermatologist sed its not about diet, but then why am i still having some breakouts ?? Unfortunately the main problem is the red, bumpy post acne scars on my jawline and upper neck. It makes shaving and evrything in my life difficult. I need some feedback from people on here (everyone on here is so friendly its amazing!) I posted a few pics of my scarring if some of the people reading this will check it out on my album and if u have seen it before or know any tips on what i can do to get rid of it i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks all

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You're neck acne looks pretty serious. You are lucky it is not on your cheeks etc. Diet is a very big factor imo. Doctors can make very little money prescribing diet suggestions. You look fairly young and I know when I was young my diet was normal but not good as I know now. Fast food, candies, pastries etc. are not good for your body and skin. It's tough to drink and eat clean at your age and it is boring but the sooner you start the better you may feel and look. I honestly believe my life would be better in many ways having clear skin from a young age.

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