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Please Help Me What Have I Done To My Skin

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Basically I picked a clogged pore and it scabbed then when the scab fell off I needled it with a single needle. Scab came of again and for some reason I could feel a ball of scar tissue under the skin and stupidly I don't know what possessed me but I needled the scar tissue I could feel under the skin baring in mind the scab had only been off 2 days. Anyway it's scabbed again but there seems to be raised soft skin next to the scab what have I done? X

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I wish I had the answer for you! I really do. I think your best bet is to first of all, breathe.. and just give the wound time to heal. I'm sure it will be fine, just don't touch! I've done some pretty crazy things to my skin in the past and the worst case, I was left with a scar. Luckily, there are lots of ways to improve the appearance of scars if this is what it comes to. It's going to be okay :)

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Aww thank you that means so much you don't understand I've been sending my self crazy I just don't understand what the raised scar tissue is next to the wound. I've made such a mess why do I do it to myself I don't get it? Thank you for your kind words so nice o you I reply :)

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I probably understand more than you know, I've been there. I've spent hours in front of the mirror doing crazy stuff to my face that I now regret. And I know that sick feeling that follows, I know it so well! But it is going to be okay, just let your skin do its thing and I'm sure that bump will smooth out. And just know you're not alone :) In fact, I cried about my skin today lol. So yeah, I feel you.

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