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Hi guys!

This is my first post on this forum and first i must say that i am not from an english speaking country so my english wont be all perfect.rolleyes.gif

I have been fighting with acne for the third year now, It has all stared in a year befor high school. I was having a really really light acne for 1 year and than i came into the high school and things got worse. Now i have moderate to severe acne, but the problem is that my skin looks very tired. I have like 5 whiteheads on each cheek and maybe some cysts but my skin is tired so i have more problems with this than with my acne. And at the beginning of second year of high school i started to aware of my skin and became depressive. I started to look difrent ways when talking to people, avoiding people and all that stuff.

But now I am trying to look on the world as a difrent person. Instead of searching what i dont have I start enjoying in things i have. I have a family that love me and support me, I have friends that accept me and I also started to going out with a girl and eventually i hope we will become something more.

When i look myself in the mirror i still become depressed but then i think of all that and I think that my acne is starting heeling. I know its hard to look to all those people with beautiful skin and its unfair that someone can eat junkfood for whole month and doesnt even get a single pimple but life can sometimes be unfair its just the way it is. Think of all those people who are really ill or on a wheelchair or this things, they will never have a chance to live a normal life.

So start looking to the world through diffrent eyes and say to yourself

life is beautiful :)

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I really think that the most problems come from our fillings and emotions. I have put down all the mirrors and i feel much better because before i was constantly looking in miror and search for new zits :P

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