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I'm still dealing with a lot of hyper pigmentation still it's been 7 years, did you catch that? SEVEN FUCKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! That i will NEVER EVER EVERRRRRRR GET BACK!!!!! And In all that time society has done nothing but mocked me made me an outcast, almost made me hate myself... now it look's like my condition is slowly, no very slowly going away.... eventually i'll be one of them a normal person by all mean's. NOOOOO not me... not after the SHIT i'v been threw every fucking day of every fucking week year by fucking YEAR!!!! even if i ever do look like THEM i'll never be like them they won't know my suffering, my pain, my sorrow. They will just LAUGH!! You think your better then then me?!! you think you can humiliate me? laugh at me, shun me out??!!! FUCK YOU!! Am i just suppose to forget this ever happened and move on? BWHAHAHAHAHA ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZYYYYY!!!!!??? i won't be just another plastic figure molded by society's ideals and standard's, THEY WILL NOT CONTROL MY LIFE ANYMORE!!! Go ahead mock me all you want, you think i still give a FUCK what people think!! Thing's like Compassion and caring are a thing of the past for me bitch... i'm not really sure what i am anymore, just some dark lonely & MAD MAD MAD!!!! SOB & you know what, i wouldn't have it any other way hahahah your mockery has given my strength a mind and will of steel, something none of THEM could ever have.... i don't think i have a place in society no, i lost that a long... long time ago just stay the hell out of my way or else. [-_-]

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