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The Diet To The Goal I Want To Achieve

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Hey! So I finally saw a really good health place and did a really amazing (yet expensive) test, which I see my new nutritionist at every week.

Basically I have a leaky gut from an infection, and I've been given a bunch of healthy natural tablets to take to fix all of that and in turn, cure my acne.

Also figured out that I am most likely intolerant to Dairy and Gluten. Next Wednesday I'll be visiting my nutritionist to start the healthy diet food plan to follow. (For now she said to focus on getting use to taking the tablets) but basically, she said she knows exactly on what to do to cure that acne of mine and get me clear skin. For now I'm taking all the tablets as said to and just having a basic healthy diet low in carbs and sugar and healthy fresh food and added in exercise and a lot of water.

Current regimen:


Do exercise regimen about 10 minutes after waking up.

Take Alpha Lipoic Acid tablet (Mainly for Acne and healing acne marks) 30 minutes before breakfast

Have nice luke warm shower

Have Breakfast and take a long with Active B complex tablet + Cod liver oil tablet with a bit of filtered water.

Lunch time:

Take Alpha Lipoic acid tablet 30 minutes before lunch

Have lunch + Cod liver oil tablet

At around 2 or 3pm

Have vitamin C (1 teaspoon) into 500ml of water and stir. I find this really yummy.


Have dinner + Codliver oil

Go for 20 minute walk and drink plenty of water

Take Ultra Flora Dybiosis tablet 30 minutes after

bed time

Generally trying to go to sleep at about 9PM and waking up at 6AM but time can vary, and 10 minutes before sleep I have 1tsp of Magopti in 250ml of water to help me sleep.

And I do that every day basically. I've been doing it for 6 days so far. I was told it should take a few months to heal my leaky gut and get rid of my acne, but hey, as long as it will be gone soon, I'm good with that :D.

Improvement wise in the past 6 days, I'd say very very little, but that's obvious because you shouldn't expect any results in 6 days. But I'd say it's gone away by 1 or 2% possibly?

I'll update every week or a few days. Post any questions or feedback or what not here.

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So just saw the nutritionist again and was given a whole bunch of foods to eat, a lot of them are surprisingly tasty and I'm exciting to taste them. Can't wait to start seeing some results :).

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Day 14: Acne is slightly worse. But I'm keeping there and doing what my Nutritionist said to do.

Started using Extra virgin olive oil in the morning and night time now. Heard it can help a lot.

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After 3 full days using Extra virgin Olive oil (from spain) my acne has started to clear up a bit, nothing major or huge, but it is healing and reducing. Still going with the diet and drinking plenty of water.

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Acne has stayed the same the past few days. But my mind is telling me to panic because it hasn't gone yet. Up to day 23 now, each day gets closer to my goal.

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Hey I just wanted to say to stay positive and stuck to your regimen! I am not doing ANY of the things you are, but I am highly convinced that my acne has something to do with my GI problems. Funny enough, I have an appointment with my GI doctor tomorrow morning and the last time I was there, she told me my blood work showed early signs of celiac, but that I didn't need to alter my diet just get. But maybe tomorrow I will talk more to her about going gluten free, to benefit both my stomach and my acne. But stay positive and your journey will end soon I hope!!! All the best!

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