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Laviv - Should I Fly From Germany To Us? Is It Worth It?

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Hi fellow sufferers:

I have been on these boards for several years now but never posted as I had nothing new to add. I have rolling scars with tissue loss. One deep scar is due to my dermatologist use of cortisone shot on me for cystic acne. I have had 6 derma rollers, subission, TCA and have improved my scars. However, I want to know if LAVIV will help. I am too scared to get a laser at this point.

Thank you, Linda

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Hey Linda - I have the same thing; a deep rolling scar that I'm fairly sure was due to a cortisone shot at least in part. Anyway I had a consultation with a doctor here about Laviv and he said to me it wasn't a starting point because it's expensive and unpredictable. However, since you have already done other things and want more improvement he would probably say it is a good idea. He said it would be $3-$4,000. I have spoken with someone on this board who did it with good results. Another thing to consider is you would have to fly multiple times. First is the biopsy, then a series of injections....or so I've been told. Where on your face is the deep rolling scar? Mine is on the side of my chin.

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I know but I work in public relations, so I do a lot of speeches to 200 plus crowds. So if four trips to the US is the price I would have to pay for security, so be it. If anyone has had LAVIV I would love to hear from them. Isolagen I read was hit or miss. I would do fat transfer combined with LAVIV. I have emailed Dr Willliam Boss, the founder as said I would want both procedures. I would only go to him as I read Isolagen was very much dependent on the doctor doing it.

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Has anyone seen good before and afters on LAVIV? THANKS so much for those who have replied to this thread. I am trying to stay positive an not get caught up int he wave of hype that surrounds most procedures.

If Laviv doesn't work at least I will have a million miles with Lufthansa to go with the huge hole in my pocket . Sigh. : )

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Anyone, please? I am reading through their financial statements now and can't get a good sense of what to think. I mean isolagen just disappeared I don't want the same to happen and I be stuck without treatment and a lot of waited cash on flights, hotels etc

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Personally - if you think that fillers would help you - I would try with the non permanent stuff first. If you get a good temporary result - then you can go try laviv and hope that it gives similar permanent results. If the temp injections don't help - then I don't see how laviv would? It should only be like $500 for a syringe of the temp filler.

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