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Ok Ive been on this forum several times and I must say you all have been helpful. But I still have problems with my acne. Im now 19 yrs old male, African-American skin and my acne has calmed down A LOT. I currently have just 1 pimple which is going down. I use tea tree oil as an acne treatment, and its worked well for the most part.

The problem is, blackheads and hyper pigmentation. I have blackheads on my cheeks that seem to always be there, once I squeezed them out (I did it cautiously) but then I was left with dark marks -__-. After I cleared it up (using the Lemon Juice method) they came back again.

But thats not even the big problem... hyper pigmentation is. Everytime I get a pimple, no matter if I pop it, treat it, or leave it, there always is a dark mark left behind. If I dont consistently use the lemon juice method it just stays there and its really dark.

Im going to buy the AHA+ cream from acne.org and Im hoping and praying this is the solution.

Can you guys just give me some suggestions and recommendations please, thanks.

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Read my user name! The steam room or sauna opens up your pores which also causes you to sweat out the toxins. These toxins typically build up and form black heads.

I used to have black heads on my entire nose as well as cheeks. They have long been gone, I would say I have maybe 2 blackheads at MOST at any given time. Usually none.

Try the steam or sauna if you can find one around you, it really helps. I steam room 10 minutes each night.

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