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New Here, My Results So Far On The Back Regimen!

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Thank goodness I found this site and Dan's back regimen! It works wonders. I have been suffering from moderate to severe back acne for the past 10 years since high school and nothing over the counter or online has worked not even proactiv. My upper back and shoulders had hundreds of small closey spaced pimples and my lower back would always be litered with a dozen or so big sore postules that were quite painful and take months to heal and go away. After reading reviews I ordered the back regime from here which is the cleanser, bp treatment and aha. I followed the back regimen exactly as descirbed. My impressions:

After week 1 I already could see results my upper back started to clear and the redness of the acne went down considerabley. This gave me the confidence to push on!

After week 2 my back continued to clear dramaticly, I would say 50% of the acne was clearing and I noticed no new acne forming even in the normal trouble areas.

Just fnished week 3 and I am estatic! I would say im around 80% clear and the deep big postules are going away and most of whats left are scars now that are also alot less noticeable than before!

I love how the bp and aha compliment each other they are truely a 1-2 punch knockout! Look foward to seeing the results after a few more weeks!

My suggestions: I'm in the militray and work out 3-4 times a week, I found that working out in the morning, showering and the doing the bp/aha and then the same routine again at night before bed works best for my schedule. And my biggest advice is to follow the regimen EXACTLY, when Dan says be gentle as possible and limit contact and be thoughtful throughout the day helps alot to keep irritation down which I never realized was such a big factor.


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From what I have read it all depends on the scar type, it can take months or some may never go away only fade over time. I will report back after weeks 4 and 5 and see how things are going.

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