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Get happy around this time of year when it starts to get dark out by 5p.m and days are shorter? They talk about "winter blues" but personally, I couldn't be any happier this time every year.

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Yes, definitely! I feel much happier at this time of year. With or without acne, I don't see the appeal of summer, really - I hate that hot, sticky, lazy feeling. I think the people who get the most out of summer are posers who can't wait to show their bodies off and strut about in sunglasses and tight t-shirts. I love the autumn, when the leaves turn red-gold, the air gets cooler, the nights draw in, and you can read ghost stories by the fire with a warm mug of tea and a cat purring beside you. The only downside about autumn/winter is that the central heating dries my skin out!

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Irrespective of acne I LOVE the summer time. I tend to be more jovial when it's warm and sunny. I don't mind darkest descending upon us at 5pm, I just don't like feeling cold at all. A dark warm night wouldn't bother me at all lol I'm more concerned with the temperature ;)

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100% agree with you.

I've always loved autumn/winter and loathed the summer (regardless of acne). However, I feel much more comfortable this time of year due to more hours of darkness. In the brighter summer months, I feel much more exposed and vulnerable. Wish it was winter all year round.

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I`ve always preferred autumn/winter months purely and simply due to the fact that the long hours of darkness somehow made me feel safer and less exposed. However having said that, the low sun on a bright winter`s day is an absolute bugger for highlighting and showing up blemishes and flaws.

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