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Hey guys/girls.

I've not posted here in a couple of years, but I'm starting to struggle with my acne again lately and I'm just on a bit of a downer this evening and had a bit of a cry after I washed my face a while ago (thanks to the hideous red marks covering my face).

I just can't seem to win this battle....i drink nothing but water, I eat lots of fruit and veggies, I keep my face clean, I take vitamins, I've seen the doctor, yet I'm still suffering with acne after 10 years. I don't know what to do.

I'm not a confident person to begin with but I feel that with each passing day, any confidence I do have is diminishing and I'm becoming less social. A girl I work with came back from her maternity leave this week and she felt the need to tell me that my skin looks awful and that I should have acid treatment and take her expensive vitamins. I wanted to cry. Honestly, some people have no tact whatsoever.

Sorry if I sound really depressing, just needed a little rant, and I know that this is the best place to get support when I feel like this.

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well i'm sure all of us know how this feels like :( it breaks my heart to see stories like yours... and it is a long battle that we're not guaranteed to win. but your red marks can and will go away. i had the worst case of red marks 2 years ago. extremely red, all over my cheeks. i think people were shocked when they saw my face. but now they're almost completely gone. i'm not sure about getting rid of acne because i still suffer from moderate hormonal acne myself, but keep pushing on. there are so many solutions and treatments out there and science is constantly advancing. who knows we might have a breakthrough treatment one day. we've all got your back here <3 don't cry anymore :)

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Well that girl that said that to you should go F herself. People can be so ignorant these days, they are the real worthless ones though. As for the rest of the post, I know how you feel, I'm going through a down time myself these past couple of days. I know its hard, but justtry to take it a day at a time. If there,'s things that u do that occupy your mind at least for a little do it. If your stressed workout or do something that consumes time and energy. And trust me probably most people on here has these moments and need to rant.

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I know how you feel girl! ive been feeling the same way the last couple of weeks! i hate when people feel the need to point out that i have a face full of pimples and that their skinis so perfect. Its like all these people suggest stuff but yet they dont have a single pimple on their face, its like sorry you have no idea what im going through. But i have too noticed myself becoming more antisocial and becoming more emotional than normal. i know it feels being by myself is like saving me from other peoples comments, thoughts, or stares of my acne. lets try to stay as positive as possible and say this too shall pass.

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People have toom their own lives because of the issues acne causes so you will be taken deadly serious here hun. People judge and its all about acceptin acne is what u have not who u r and u r so much more than an acne sufferer....how easy is that to say!not so easy to believe. Acne robs u of a life if u let it, uneed to train yourself to care less about what others think or itll tear u down to the point u wish u would wake up in the morning. I know when i look at myself its disgust i feel and utter sadness but i hav to go out n try n live life its robbed to many yrs but i still get days,weeks months where i only go to work n home.that girl who said tht is a downright bi tch!!!ive had ppl come uo to meet in the street giving advice i told a woman to f off one day and how would she like it if i toldher diet tips in front of a group of folk,she shut up v quickly.

Dont lose yourself have hope that u will get treatment which works ive been clear before so i need to have hope or else whats the point ? xxx

Wouldnt* wake up....

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I, too, go back and forth with clear skin. It seems to happen in a cycle of two years or so, it's so upsetting. It's good to vent. I'm glad we're here for you.

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