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I Did An Accutane No No

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So, I haven't updated my log in a while because nothing has really happened. I restarted accutane after a four-ish day break because of stomach pains. They haven't come back since I restarted it, thankfully. Anyways... Everything is clearing SLOWLY. My face looks pretty decent but my chest and back are going to slow. I am very impatient!!! SO....I did something that is really not a good idea on accutane. I bought a 20% salicylic acid peel and used it on my chest.....3 DAYS IN A ROW. I was so sick and tired of look at my poor little boobs (sorry, tmi) and chest covered in small clogged pores. It just looked so weird and I had to get rid of it. I did the peel hoping and praying I wouldn't burn my skin off....and I didn't burn it off! I finally have an almost normal looking chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only stuff that's still there is the actives from when I did the peel that are now not active, just red. Now, would I recommend this to other people? Probably not. I took a huge risk of seriously damaging my skin. Would I attempt this on my face while on accutane? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am more willing to mess things up on my chest than I am on my face. I will probably not be doing any more peels for a while, if ever again, because hopefully the accutane will finish the rest. I just needed to help it get started. Lol. Just thought I would share. :)

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