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Aspirin, Dmso And Volatile Oils, Persistant Acne, Including Cystic

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OK. I'm 33 and have wasted tons of money and time on acne products, same old story I know. I now get cystic acne on my chin, getting older.

Here is what I've found. Salicylic acid is the same as aspirin. Ground up cheap aspirin and keep it in the same bottle. Every day I try to make a scrub with the aspirin powder with a little soap and water (I have a lil soapdish I mix the aspirin in but you could just use your hand).

For cyctic acne, I've usually used an herbal oil - oregano, rosemary, lavender etc.). You can use DMSO to get across skin barrier (to carry oils deep into the skin). Just use a tad cuz some oils are caustic and DMSO can also be irritating. Cheap, safe, effective. There you go. Plus all those things have many other uses and something everyone should have on hand. Good luck!

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I forgot to mention birch oil for the cystic, which I think is the most effective. I should mention I use a cotton ball or qtip dipped in DMSO and a drop of essential oil (birch being the original natural derivative of aspirin). This will immediately numb the area and reduce swelling quickly while killing bacteria for a cystic swelling. The crushed aspirin scrub eliminates my need for a moisturizer (I have oily skin) but if you have dry skin I recommend organic, virgin coconut oil (which I use occasionally as a moisturizer). You could easily buy a year's supply of this natural treatment of cystic acne/pimples of DMSO and essential oil for about 20$. You could use natural white birch bark instead of aspirin but I've seen it for 40$ a bag, so to me, cheap aspirin makes more sense. This system works for me and it's a system that would put all these commercial acne products out of business. You don't have to worry about bleaching your clothes/towels anymore, or take pills, or buy kits. Do your own research. Trust Mother Nature. Good luck!

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I've just started using DMSO in the hopes of curing my acne scar and man this stuff is caustic. It hasn't done sh*t for my craters as far as I can tell BUT this thing is a god-send for acne outburst. I put this on overnight and the zits are gone by the morning. Just awesome!

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Thanks for this post!

I was also wondering about the aspirin and salicyic acid theory.

Before I try...

I am trying to read and learn about the skin Ph level.

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