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Yasmin Fully Kicking In?

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So I've been on Yasmin for about 13,5 weeks now (on my 4th strip)

So before Yasmin, I had the usual pimples. Most of the time: 2 real pimples on chin, 1 or 2 on my forehead, and often 1 on my higher cheekbones. Compare that with a lot of clogged pores, and voilà you can imagine my skin.

So it was definitely very mild. I started yasmin the end of July I think. Well the first 2 months were BRUTAL. All my clogged pores were pushed out. (My forehead and cheeks weren't bad, they stayed pretty much the same with a clogged pore here and there that was getting pushed out, but my chin was filled with cysts and sore pustules)

So we're now on month 4, and it's pretty great. Forehead is clear most of the time, cheeks are clear, only my chin doesn't want to clear up.

I no longer get cysts, but I ALWAYS have like 2/3 pimples on it.

I'm getting impatiënt. I definitely thought I would be clear by now, but this morning I woke up again with 3 pimples on my chin. Luckily I don't have scars, but my chin is starting to get dark/red marks.

Do I have to give it more time? I'm definitely not planning on switching BC because I love Yasmin so far (no moodswings, no weightgain, bigger boobs etc.) But I just wanna know if I can experience clear skin on maybe my 6th strip, or I just have to accept that my chin is gonna be pimplish.

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I'm on my 7th month of yasmin, I'm planning to come off at the end of this pack. My skin drastically improved after 3/4 months. But,in the last couple of months I have been getting quite a few painful spots around my chin/jawline. I was never completely clear whilst on yasmin but my skin was so much better than what it would've been without it. I'm really dreading coming off it though:(

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