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What Order Should I Use My Products?

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Hey I have just joined this site! I am using ProActiv 3 step programme, no results in 3 weeks, I have no been moisturizing.. today my Dr gave me a topical solotion dabber to use, now which order should I use all this products?? Thank you very much!

The pictures are from just over 3 weeks ago, what kind of acne is that??



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I used proactiv and it worked for 3 months and stopped and my skin got worse. I thought the acne-free regimen works more effectively and it's cheaper plus you don't have to wait for it to come in. Are you suppose to combine them all?

Oh sorry, I didn't see the bottom portion of your question. They don't look like cystic, maybe papules from what I see. Best of luck!

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Looks like mild acne to me. Are you still going to be using the Proactiv?

This is how you do a skin routine:

1. Cleanser

2. Toner [if you use one]

3. Treatment cream/gel/ointment -s so whatever topical you're prescribed

4. Moisturiser

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yeah I would think that alcohol wouldn't be that beneficial for acne. I know I would flare up every time I drank. I don't drink at all anymore but maybe try scaling back a bit and try to eat as healthy as you can, cutting down on dairy, breads, and sugar. Acne-Free is basically a knockoff to ProActiv but like I said previously, I think it works better. I found it at Target.

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