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What Should I Do? (Pic)

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basically i had a reallly really small white head on the bridge of my nose. on saturday morning, i picked at it a LITTLE, not even too much. but by then it had turned pretty red, and i figured oh it'll just go away. yesterday it was a REALLY dark brown patch and today it felt really leathery and tight. it kind of peeled off on its own today, revealing pinkish reddish skin that still looks discolored (though it's not that noticeable in pictures).

i had a really bad hyperpigmentation on my nose last year that lasted 6 months and it ruined my confidence. i would hate for that to have to repeat :/ i REALLY just want to be clear for the holidays, christmas etc.

i know its not that bad, but i've become so obsessed with my skin to the point that even a small scratch concerns me. i just want to avoid a dark patch. i've been putting vitamin E oil and Simply Natural heal up balm (which is apparently a magical product).


is this natural and it'll go back to normal soon? i refuse to believe that such a small whitehead will do so much damage. stupid hands for picking sad.png

on the plus side, my forehead is finally returning to normal :) vitamin e oil is really helping, and the Clearasil's VAnishing acne BP 10% every night is helping to clear it up!

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I think it is nothing you should worry about and that continuing using those two products should work to diminish the red mark. Just try to relax a bit and I'm sure it'll go away in no time rolleyes.gif

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can i ask you a question? what do you do to keep your skin so nice? it looks flawless....i'm a lurker, and i joined the site just to ask.

it took a lot of work to get here, trust me. my skin was never bad to begin with (in terms of acne), but i would freak out over the littlest things and get huge scabs and sores etc. i did break out for a long time about 6 months ago. but here's what i found is the best thing to do.

eat healthy, drink LOTS of water (and by lots i mean A LOT). wash with a gentle cleanser ONLY, i use cetaphil, no matter what. whenever i break out with little bumps, i use Clearasil's Vanishing Acne 10% BP treatment overnight (sleep with it on), and by morning they're usually gone...and if not, it only takes a few days.

for marks and hyperpigmentation, i use vitamin e oil and it fades them REALLY fast, but it has to be the right brand - home health is what i use.

i use the oil once a day in the evening so i wash it off before i sleep.

i don't moisturize my face unless i feel like I really need to. I don't use toner either.

also, i don't wear make up, no matter how bad my skin looks. i just endure it.

but the most important thing is: DON'T STRESS. just don't worry about your skin. i barely look in the mirror because i really don't care what my skin looks like anymore, because there is no point worrying. if you take care of your skin and do everything you're supposed to (and dont go excessively overboard), it'll fall into place eventually.

even if you have a disaster on your face, just go on with your day, trust me. most skin problems that i feel like will take months to heal go away within weeks. just relax and ignore your face, and sooner or later, it'll get better :)

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