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Haven't Been Here Since Last Year, Acne Still Active

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Hi All,

My last post was somewhere around December 2011. Cystic acne was active then and in full swing now in 2012.

I got married this past July....my skin was ok while on my honeymoon- away for 2 weeks then I don't know what happened, the cysts came full force a few days after we arrived home. I have had many problems with my skin and have the scars to prove it but this time was different. My doctor put me on a higher dose of antibiotics and changed my diet all since the end of July. This was supposed to be a happy time for me but during these past few months I have been nothing but depressed.

A whole blood workup was done and I was asked if I wanted to try a hormone therapy. I agreed, looking for another way out of taking Accutane.

As of right now.....today is my 3rd day on Spironolactone 25 mg.....She wants to try this for a month, get my potassium and blood pressure checked every 2 weeks for now just to make sure everything inside is ok.

I felt there was no other way out but to see if this works. I was scared at first but with reassurance from my doctors I finally gave in.

The first day was ok.... the 2nd day I had a little anxiety in the middle of the night and today was ok....while making numerous trips to the bathroom letting the water out things have been ok so far.

I am just very anxious to see if this will work....my skin is very bad at this point, they just keep showing up in different areas on my face.

I was so busy since my first post last year but really glad to be back.


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