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Scars Less Than .5Mm Deep

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I have a cluster of shallow scars that are less than half a millimeter. How can these be treated?

One I guess I can call a surface scar, I still see the edges of where the wound was sorta. About seven months old, that one. Then a few under that in a line. Can these be helped/fixed with a chemical peel permanently? Because in my mind, the superficial scars are just at the top, and less invasive things, such as light peels can lessen or get rid of them over time. Any input or suggestions?

Thanks a million.

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If you want to grade the severity of your scars there is a system. I'll get you the link:


It's not about how deep the scars are, as that's really irrelevant. It's how the scars appear. Some scars can be physically quite deep but are not aesthetically noticeable and the opposite is true also.

In a nutshell, atrophic scars that can be flattened by stretching your skin would be considered not as deep in the skin as scars that cannot be stretched. There are many treatment options but it's unwise to think that any of these options are permanent. Our skin is ever changing and will loose collagen as we grow older unless we are actively doing something about it (maintenance). Peels are a great option for the milder scarring but you'll need a series of them to see lasting results.

That website where that table comes from is actually really informative and worth the read ;) :


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