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Severe Nodular Acne Help!

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hi, im a 21 yr old male. I been dealing with moderate to severe acne starting at age 15. it has gotten alot worst as time passed by. I went to see a derm while u had insurance and was on oral antibiotics with benzoyl cream for about 4 months. i helped slightly a little bit but boils kept on coming often. Currently for the past year or so its been on neck, back and some chest also boils on private area and between legs. Derm told me that accutane would be the next step if minocycline didnt work but the side effects on accutane are BAD! ive tried every single type of facial wash such as proactiv and nothing has ever worked. Ive done alot of research and i believe that biggest cause of my severe nodular acne its my diet and immune system. Sometimes when i even eat like a slice of pizza or something i can smell it through my skin and getting oily, this may sound horrible but taking several showers a day i can pick or scratch face and i can smell like bacteria or something rotten on my finger nails after scratching or coming from face or affected area. After all my research i believe that if i make the decision of going on a good colon cleanser and clean my whole system as well as keeping it clean with a good healthy diet it should help alot. Anyone here has any similar ideas or think my theory will work please advise! thanks

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Cut out all gluten and dairy from your diet. In case those are triggering your acne you may start seeing dramatic reduction of inflamed acne.

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