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Hello everyone my name is Brent Rogers.I am 26 years old, from South Carolina. I dont know why i waited so long to join an online forum that could potentially help me out with my acne problem, but here i am now. Ever since i hit puberty, I have battled with acne throughout my whole life. I tried everything posible to try to get rid of it such as acctune, proactiv, acne free. Best thing that ever worked was the stridex power pads, I used them while on a trip to the bahamas and they worked wonderful. Only bad news is that the pads were discontinued in stores. Always seems like the best thing that works gets taken out of the stores for some reason. Anyways, I am looking on here to find the answers to my acne cure(s). I have a case of all kinds of acne, black heads, red bumps from time to time. When i was younger i would try to pop all of them like a dummy and ended up causing scars on my face which I now have to live with. On the left side of my face is what I presume to be a type of acne is a small bump inside my left cheek which has been there for 3 years now, and medications wont seem to get rid of it because it is under the skin. I have very oily skin, so im hoping to find my regimine.

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Well let me say, i've been down a numerous amount of paths, similar to yours as well. It is such a bad feeling having acne!! I have tried clearasil, anti-biotics, blah blah. The only thing that has truly worked is Danné Montague King, the best thing i have ever used in my life. Best decision ever made, expensive, i am sure there are clinics near by to you? Check it out, Will

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