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Using Batrim, Spiro, And Clyndamicin. A Sucessfull Combo?

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I am 31 years old and I suffer with mild to moderate acne. As a teenager I suffered with severe back acne and moderate face acne. It cleared up with prescription body wash, antibiotic( can remember which), and differn. I think I was about 24-25 when i started to get moderate chest and face acne again. Five years later decided to do something and went to see a derm. Now i am thinking it might have been a mistake. I was perscribed minocyclin and clyndamicin and told to wash with panoxyl, which seemed to work like a charm until I stopped taking the minocyclin. A week off the antibiotic and I had the worst face acne ever! The breakouts are pretty much just on my chin and cheeks. My derm put me back on the mino and there was no change. I am now two days into the new prescription regimen. I hope this works! I will keep weekly updates for those of you who would like to know if this works, and hopefully I can get some feedback from those of you that have a story similar to mine.

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I've suffered with acne since I was 14 & I'm 30 now. I have moderate Acne on my face. When I was pregnant I got it really bad on my face and back. Been to many Derms, OBGYN, & Doc,s until this last one... I think this one for it right. 2 of my other Derm's was pushing ACCUTANE!!!! (So bad for your body) I've read so many stories about people that took it and when they went off the acne came right back! !! I didn't want to go through that, and through all my research I've have done I knew that ACCUTANE wasn't for me. This last Derm I found actual listened to my words when I was explaining how my Acne comes and goes from month to month. I knew it had to be hormonal & so did he. So now I'm on Spiro, 50mg once a day. I do have a tube Clyndamicin and have used it but I don't think it's doing much. I started using the Clyndamicin about 2weeks before the Spiro.

Well it's My 3rd day on it and I see that my oil production is less than usual. I may have to bolt twice the most now. Before it was 6, 7, 8, I'm not sure. It was just too much. You came even smell the oils from my hair before Spiro. .... Not anymore ;-) so far so good. Please keep me posted. Thank you.

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