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Bp Most Similar To Panoxyl 2.5?

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Hello everyone,

as you have probably heard the panoxyl aquagel has been discontinued.

It was the only product that helped me clear my severe acne... I ran out of it 2 months ago and I am back to where I started: full of pimples and cysts sad.png

I have tried prescription gels like Epiduo and Duac (didn't help), I have also used Dan's BP for a few months (together with all the regimen products - only helped very slightly) and I have also tried Quinoderm... It seems to help the best so far but the results are nowhere near Panoxyl 2.5

I have tried panoxyl 5 and 10% but they made my face so itchy that I woke up every morning with scars on my face from scratching in my sleep!

I know many of you are looking for alternatives to Panoxyl 2.5 as well so if anyone has come across a gel/cream that produced similar results, please do let me know!

Your help is most appreciated! thank you smile.png

x Ellis

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Hi, Ellis.

From my experience Oxy ( 10 or 15 I don`t remember exactly) on the spot cream works pretty similar to Panoxyl. As for the Duac - 2.5% is pretty much useless, so try to get 5%. It dries the skin out of course, but nothing that a simple moisturizer can`t help.



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I received this response from GSK today

I can confirm that the Panoxyl range has been discontinued, with the exception of Panoxyl 5% Cream due to return in March 2013 and Panoxyl Acnegel 2.5% and 5% due to return in September 2013.

I am afraid that the reasons for discontinuing the product are commercial and that this decision came following a review of the Stiefel Brand acquired by GlaxoSmithKline. One of the main reasons for discontinuing Benzoyl Peroxide products is the high cost and difficulty producing this chemical which made it uneconomical to continue its production.

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Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I will definitely try them out!

Re: strobhoy, thanks for forwarding the email! I contacted them as well and received the same email. The acnegel was far too irritating. Haven't tried the cream though. It's such a shame they are going to keep producing their less popular products!

Thank you both for the replies!


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