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20-50 Day Water & Juice Fasting For Acne

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I'm at the end of my rope with acne.

It all began 8 months ago when I went on antibiotics for perioral dermatitis. It was very minor compared to the way my skin looks now. I have had problems with acne in the past and had used everything for Proactive to baking soda. However, in the year leading up to my POD breakout I had very clear skin and I used only a mild African black soap for a cleanser and Emu oil as a moisturizer. It seems my skin was the nicest it had ever been and I was using very little on it. Sometimes I would forget to was my face at all and it was still clear and glowing.

Anyhow, I went on the antibiotics (worst idea EVER) and was on them for 3 months give or take. My skin was clear of POD but over all I felt off the entire time I was on them. When I got off them a few months ago, in early August, things got even worse. I felt horrible and my skin began breaking out something awful. I think I majorly messed up my body with the antibiotics. I started a fast which healed my mood and my skin but after 14 days I fell off the wagon. And when I say fell off the wagon I mean I fell hard. I left a path of pure destruction in my wake, bingeing and eating everything in site. So for the past 3 months my skin has been an utter train wreck.

I decided I would start fasting since nothing else seems to be working. I also have an appointment to get tested for allergies and sensitivities. I am using a mixture of tea tree oil and oregano with calendula cream in the morning and emu oil at night. I want to do this until my skin has healed more and then switch to a cavemen regimen.

Today is my 3rd day and I must say I feel wonderful. My skin hasnt improved much but I know thats going to take sometime. I will stay with water until it starts to affect my abilities in school then I will switch to juice

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Hi I am Samia age 23. I am doing Juice fasting from past 20 days. Kindly tell me is it good for health or not? Because I do not know the in long run I get the result or not. However, I need your answers about it. I am now joined this forum for help.

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