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Is This Mild Or Moderate? Advice.

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Sorry for the bad pictures, I didn't have a decent camera with me, but I hope you can see alright.

Ok some background: I'm 22 years old. Had little to no acne throughout my teens. I just checked my join date on this forum because I figured that I probably would have joined around the time that I noticed my acne getting worse. I guessed three years and I was right.

So I was 19 when what I would term acne appeared on me. Before then I remember a few cases in my teens of having one bad spot at a time that I would inevitably pick until it scabbed over but I never had the cover that I have now. Up until two weeks ago I never had a cyst. I got my first ever cyst on my nose and it was so deep that I couldn't figure out whether it was on the outside of my nostril or the inside. It's shrunk now. I now have two smaller ones, one in the crevice next to my nose and one above my eyebrow. They seem relatively happy unless I agitate them.

My main problem is the fact that my cheeks are constantly covered with 10-20 red marks on each side. These are pimples that are about to come to a head, have a head, are healing or will never come to a head. A while ago I realised that I look like one of those guys with spots, rather than a guy with a few spots. They're mostly on my jaw and cheeks sometimes on my forehead, but rarely and almost never on my nose. I occasionally get clusters on my temples. I never have arm, back or chest acne.

Anyway. Tell me if you think I have mild or moderate acne since I have no idea of where mild stops and moderate starts. Do I need to see a doctor? Is 22 too old for acne? I have two younger brothers, both of whom have no spots at all.

I have tried every commercially available cream and wash under the sun. I'm aware that most of them are just dressed up soaps and probably don't do much. At the moment I'm just using a cheap clearasil one that doesn't dry my skin out and a simple moisturiser with no fragrance or added ingredients etc.

I have a pretty good diet, I don't eat anything unhealthy usually. I have rice once a week and I stay away from most carbs like pasta and bread. I don't get as much exercise as I would like but I tend to have a good metabolism. I put on weight fast, but I also lose it fast. I'm average weight for my height now.

I do have digestion issues. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 18 or so. I can't control it with fibre or anything similar. The only thing that fixes it for a few days is drinking prune juice and flushing my system out but it comes right back. I have been considering doing a cleanse with juice or the popular lemonade one for a while because I hear that it can cause your digestive system to force anything that has built up over months or years out.

Finally I'm allergic to something but I don't know what. I have a reaction every few months that just makes my face swell up. This first happened about a year ago, my acne began before then. And it just seems to make what's there redder.

Ok that's that. Any help you guys could offer would be great. Thanks.





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Mild in the pictures, not bad at all. Try going for things which soothe your skin. I recommened it too much, but honey masks really are the buisness for skin soothing. I'm not sure about the cystic ones though - I've only ever had two in my life, and I did the worse possible thing and popped them.

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Cysts are typically deeply lodged into the skin. Some are close enough to the surface to where you can pop them, but rarely. A true cyst is very, very deep.

You have very mild acne. It's the "good" kind that will go away, and leave behind nice skin.

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