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Ann Marie95

My Personal Acne Story

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I am struggling with acne for about 3 years now. I know there are some of you you that have been suffering from this a lot more years than me, but here's my story. I am 17 years and I started having acne during my first year at high school, 3 years ago.( I live in Europe and the system is different here) At first, it was only one pimple here and there, especially when I was having my period, and I could easily manage to cover them up with make up. During two summers ago, my acne got really worse. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and I was prescribed with birth control pills ( Yasminelle, or Yasmin) that cause me even many more break outs. I wasn't as wise as I am now considering my acne problem and I was touching very often my face, even squeezing and popping my pimples. At that point, I was so devastated because of all those red pimples all over my chin and cheeks that I told my mum to visit a dermatologist. My aunt who is an aesthitician said that one of her client was struggling with severe/cystic acne and she was visiting a derm that really made wonders at her skin. That doctos was a lot of hours drive away from my town but I give it a try. She's my doctor ever since. She prescribed me with antibiotics(minocycline 50 mg, twice a day) and topical treatments that caused a lot of money. I was visiting her on a regular basis every month and every couple of months she was giving me other topical medicines to try. After about 5 months on regimen, I could see great results. Especially, after taking the Retin-A cream and a gel called Stiefotrex. My skin was so clear last June that I was barely using any make-up and I had so much confidence that I was like every weekend at parties, clubbing etc. I even had a boyfriend that some months ago I was so sure he could never be with a girl like me because of my acne which was moderate but still was bothering me. I thought I was done with all the acne care products and oral medication and cut off the birth control pill without my gynaecologist advice which was a huge mistake. I now have a terrible acne. I asked my doctor if it's severe acne but said me that is still moderate but heavier than it was before. I can say my face hasn't been worse and once seen great results and completely clear skin I got depressed. My friends say to me that they don't recognise me, I;m not the energetic person I used to be. I know it's because of my acne. Last week, I skipped school and stayed home crying. I know my problem will not fix with crying and since last Monday I'm trying to change my mood. I've stopped wearing make-up at school and trying to think that this is not permanent and I can fight acne once again. My derm believes that acne got worse because my period was late 16 days and my gynaecologist gave me some pills called duphaston(that are prohibited at the States) to have my period and stop waiting in order to take birth control pills because my Polycystic ovarian syndome was not fixed. I am now doing the smooth beam laser treatment which is really expensive (about 100 euros every session) and it needs at least 4. I had my second one lat Wednesday and I don't see any miracles. The nasty huge pimples I had are now smaller in size but I still have acne. My acne doesn't just kill my confidence but also is really hard for my parents to pay all of these medicines and treatments. We are not rich and I don't have any insurance but they decided to give the laser a try because they feel bad for m depression. I now use the Avene clenance cleanser, avene hydrance moisturizer and avene cleanance emulsion lotion for the day. For the night, I clean my face with the Avene cleanance cleanser and using Retin-A cream, or Quinoderm on my face. I'm also taking the antibiotics twice a day and the Yaz. I've been better and I've been worse. I wait for the day that my skin will be flawless just like all the other people at my school and everywhere else. This is my story. I know all of you are struggling with acne,too so I joined this site to find the support I can't find from friends because I feel pointless to discuss my acne thing with them, they have a comletely clear skin and they won't understand. Only my mum knows how I feels because she managed to clear her acne just a few weeks before her wedding as she told me, and she was so depressed as me and even thinking about cancelling the marriage. So, thank you for reading my story.

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