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Claravis/accutane Dosage Question

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Just got prescribed and took my first pill of Claravis today. The doctor is only allowed to give you a 30 day script and you have to revisit the doctor to get another 30 day script to ensure you don't have any serious side effects. Issue is that I got my first pill today (11-1-12) and my next doctor appointment (of what was available) is 12-5-12.....I will be about 5 days off of the Claravis before I can get a refill. Has anyone else on Accutane/Amnesteem/Claravis/etc had similar experiences? I still have some left over antibiotics from a previous prescription, should I take those antibiotics on those 5 days that I won't be using Claravis? Again, just curious what other peoples experience with this has been in terms of being off of it for a few days to wait for a refill.

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Dump your antibiotics. You don't want to be holding on to those after a PRESCRIBED course is over. Antibiotics are extremely bad for your body which is why they should only be used to fight serious infections. Five days off of accutane should not make a big difference so don't stress it. If it is going to bother you, take less pills leading up to those five days so that you will be able to take accutane until you get a refill

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Call your doctor and schedule an earlier appointment...My derm specifically told me to take my blood test and schedule an appointment with her 1 week before I run out of pills. The first month I rushed this but I called and was "squeezed" in with a lunch time appointment. I'm sure your doctor will accommodate so you don't run out of pills.

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