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Cyst Injected From Side Not The Center Why?

I got a cyst injected today its real big and i look so bad with it and its so red.and why did my derm inject the cyst from the sides and not the center i dont get that.anyone know?

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I have had a few cysts injected with cortisone by two different dermatologists. The first dermatologist injected two cysts near my mouth directly in the center of the bumps and they both shrunk within an hour. By the next day, they were two small, flat dots. A few months later, my new dermatologist injected three smaller cystic bumps, but I noticed that she put the needle in through the side instead of directly in the center. Unfortunately, I did not have as good of results with the last three injections. I am definitely curious as to why different dermatologists inject acne cysts differently, so I'll probably ask my doctor when I go to see her in a week and a half! Just as a side note, while cortisone shots can sometimes be a lifesaver (especially if you breakout before a big event!) be careful about overdoing it with them. My dermatologist denied any side effects of cortisone injections but I have noticed tiny, round indentions where a few of my injected cysts were. I am not positive if these were caused by the cortisone injections or the cysts themselves, and they're not super noticeable, but it's definitely something to be cautious of. A great alternative to relieving cystic bumps is using a warm compress. When I get an inflamed blemish, I run the corner of a clean wash cloth under hot water and hold it on the bump, applying gentle pressure and moving the cloth in small circles to help break-up the cystic wall. After about a minute or so, the compress will start to cool off and I'll rewet it and repeat a few times. I typically do this twice a day when I have a cyst, once in the morning before I wash my face, and once at night before my shower. It does a great job of bringing the infection to the surface and relieving those annoying, painful cysts!

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