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This Is Probably A Weird Question...

I heard that scars can't have hair follicles or pores for that matter. Yet- in shining a light over my most recent scar, the one on my forehead that I've been obsessing over for the sixth months I've had it, wide... about the size of a pink nail, and shallow, I guess... I see edges when I make expressions, but it has filled in... I think from dermarolling... or time. Too bad its not like a cool Harry Potter scar lmao -__-

It's still kinda pinkish, I dermarolled about a week and a half ago. And its.. I guess shinny, sometimes. Hmm.

But anywho, I've notice that I can see little hairs in it.

Does that still make it a scar?

I'm confused.


Please answer, and thankyou all for your time again. This site has helped me with my anxiety. Haven't done anything stupid or been in the hospital for falling out in a while (:

Also there has been little pimples pop up in my scar... can this or has this happened to anyone else. Because from what I know scars don't have pores, and no pores mean no zit .-.

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ForeverAndPatience, you're right. Hair follicles cannot grow in scar tissue. ;)

The roots have been destroyed thus making it impossible for hair to grow back. If you can see hairs in your scars then I'd say that not all the roots of your hair follicles were destroyed by the scar tissue. A method of getting hair to grow back in scar tissue is a hair transplant. Once the roots have been "sewn" new hair can start growing again, even in scars.

Hope this helps!

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