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Help With Acne Regimen

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Hi guys I'm new to this forum, and hopefully you guys have a lot of experience and can enlighten me with the proper way to apply my acne regimen.


In highschool I had very bad acne I went from medicine to medicine, but nothing would work. The dermatologist finally took me off and made me get on acutane. I was on actuane for 6 months and I was acne free. It left a lot of scars unfortunately, but that didn't bother me that much. Skip forward 2 years later


Acne wasn't a problem for 2 years until I started getting a few pimples here and there. Eventually it led to a big break out, so I went to my dermatologist to get some help. I inquired to be put on acutane again,but he declined and put me on minocyline, retina, and acanya. It was ineffective for the most part so I underwent facials and let me tell you it was a lot of pain. My acne has gotten better after the facial, however I would like to be acne free. I would like some guidance on how to apply my medication.

TLDR- Took acutne unfortuantely acne came back again at full force, I have many acne medication looking for guidance for medication or how to apply it.

Minocycline Twice a day

Right now in the morning this is my morning regimen

1. Cerave Cleanser

2. Cerave Moisturizer

3. Acanya


1. Cerave Cleanser

2. Cerave Moisturizer

3. Micro Retin - a

I've read that apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon with sugar is a great remedy for scars and acne. Perhaps you guys can give me some guidance on how to apply it to my regimen, or enlighten me with your effective regimens.

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Honestly, I think you're using too much product! I used to have insane acne, and currently I dont have more than 1 or 2 pimple at a time, but I used to have like 10 or 11 all over my face, and big red spots too.. My dermatologist told me to dump any products I was using (Acanya and various creams) and give the holistic method a try. I thought it was stupid, but I figured the creams clearly weren't working, so what's there to lose? I wound up getting Acne No More, and at first it didnt do much, but suddenly about 3 weeks into the system HOLY CRAP it was such a difference. Here is where I got it (I'm in NO way affiliated, mods if linking is not allowed, just let me know) http://www.youracnereview.com/ good website. Has a review of the product and a place to buy it. I think its like 30 bucks, but my god is it a life changer. Try it. Try not using the creams for a week and then use a holistic system like this.

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