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Makeup Removal Suggestions Please :)

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Can anyone recommend a good makeup remover which won't break me out? I have the most sensitive skin ever and even sensitive skin makeup removal wipes seem to irritate

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jojoba oil. The bottle says great for removing make up and I know a lot of women use it.

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Make up removal wipes (even the sensitive ones) always severely irritate my skin and break me out. Do not use them!!! No matter how convenient they seem.

I'm one of those people who will NOT go without makeup, ever, so sorting out a makeup routine that would not aggrevate my skin has always been a major concern for me.

I'd prefer a simpler skin routine, but I find wearing makeup means I require a more complicated one... it's just the way it is.

But I try and stick to as few products as possible, and make sure they are all specifically for sensitive skin.

Until recently I was addicted to water-proof, long lasting type make-ups, and weaning myself off these was hard but not impossible. I really recommend sticking to a loose powder mineral foundation however, it does make a major difference in reducing skin irritation, and when you find the right colour (so important) and apply it correctly it can look really great.

(not revlon mineral foundation, that stuff is awful)

The best way I have found to remove make-up (mineral or waterproof) is with cleansing oil. I know, it sounds totally counter intuitive, but it really does work.

Cleansing oil is a big thing in Asia, which is where I first discovered it, but it can be expensive.

One that I have found to be good value for money is by the brand Sanctuary Skin and Spa. It comes in a pink pump bottle.

I also ALWAYS wash my face twice when I've been wearing makeup. Once to get off the make-up, and once to cleanse my skin.

My method:

Pump about 2 squirts of m-up removal oil onto your hands, then massage onto your face (no water at this point), and I mean really really massage it in.

Then I wash my hands with warm water and use my wet hands to then emulsify the oil. You only need a little bit of water.

And again REALLY massage it in (for about 1 minute).

I then ALWAYS have a warm shower to really rinse off the oil.

I ususally then use a mild cleanser (usually a cream cleanser) in the shower, which I wipe off with cotton makeup remover pads, which means I can clearly see if there is any makeup left.

I sometimes use a mild toner (no alcohol!) if the cleanser is a bit greasy, but I ALWAYS splash my face afterwards and do not leave the toner on my skin.

If I am wearing makeup daily then I will use a mild exfoliant maybe twice a week. (I never use toner after an exfoliant).

I have been using retin-a CREAM (not gel) every second or third night only, and making sure I wear a spf 30+ sunscreen for sensitive skin underneath my makeup every day without fail.

I also have dark spots (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which I spot treat with hydroquinone every night.

On the nights I don't use retin-a cream I use a gentle moisturiser or a moisturising oil.

Aside from this I try not to use any other products, try not to overlap products, and really stick to a routine.

I never take short cuts. I always make sure my makeup brushes are clean. And even though it may seem like I am scrubbing my skin a lot I am VERY gentle, otherwise too much irritation makes everythnig worse.

I use products that are specifically for sensitive skin, and nothing that is overly abrasive, foams excessively or is drying.

I have very very VERY sensitive skin, but this is what works best for me.

After making the switch to mineral makeup my skin is so much better... it's a trend that is actually worth it.

Also, do NOT use the Garnier oil-based makeup remover, that stuff caused the worst breakouts of my life.

Hope that helps.

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Jojoba oil Sweetie ! Get a cotton ball and a few drops and rub it on . Easily removes the make up :)

will not break you out . The purpose of it is so that it will not clog your pores !

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Definitely using a cleansing oil will help. I usually use Jojoba and wash my face afterward with my black soap. I rub it into my face with my fingertips like I do when I wash my face, so that way I don't irritate my skin as much. Dragging a wipe across your skin will cause tons of irritation, and usually leaves makeup in your pores anyway.

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Jojoba oil or just gently apply your normal moisturiser, rinse off a bit with water and wash your face with your normal cleanser. Both of these will even remove waterproof mascara if you let it soak in a little bit.

Wipes don't remove makeup as well as this and you have to rub your skin which I find irritates it.

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Jergens all purpose face cream works great as an eye makeup remover or you can use it on your whole face.My mom has really sensitive skin and that's all she uses. Unscented baby wipes are my favorite and they really get the job done. They never leave the skin irritated and they also work for eye makeup. They remove eyeshadow, liquid/gel/pencil liners and waterproof mascara.

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