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Please Can You Help Me Identify The Type Of Pimple This Is?

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I'm really confused, i'm getting these weird spots, not like anything i personally have had before, i've thought they wereclosed comedones or papules but i'm not sure really.

Here's the description:

They come up very quickly(several hours)

They're like a bump under the skin

They're not inflamed and they don't hurt (except psychologically!)

They begin healing only when I either scratch a tiny bit of the skin (which always comesoff suprisingly easily) off the very top or stick a pin in it

They don't contain any fluid or pus, or infact anything as far as i can tell - on the occasion i gave one a little squeeze a tiny drop of blood came out.

These things started bothering me in July, they've become smaller but more frequent since, i'm getting about 5-10 a week, they're predominantly down my cheeks near my ears but as times progressed they've moved inwards a little bit on my cheeks.

Any help at all or your thoughts would be fantastic as I'm really puzzled and upset.


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first thing first do not squeeze them especially if they do not have a whitehead and contain pus, as you will just end up scarring the skin. You may have a cosmetic allergy to something...or if you are like me that have long side burns you will need to pay particularly to this area when you cleanse as it can gather more dirt. I use argan oil both day and night and that has made me clear and continues to keep spots at bay. i only get one or two tiny spot a month now

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If i don't scratch the flake of skin off on top they don't go, I don't squeeze them, i just did to see what was inside out of curiosity.

Thanks for the reply, any one else? Is this some kind of new medical discovery?

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