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New Guy Looking For Help With Dark Spots

I'm new to the forum and I am really just looking to talk with people who are going through a similar situation as me. A little background, I never would consider my case of acne to have ever been 'severe,' but I definitely had acne to the point that I was using various creams and lotions on my face in high school. I rarely ever have acne now except for the occasional zit that decides to randomly pop up in various places. Long story short, my face is mostly free of scars as it healed wonderfully and there are only one or two brown/tannish spots that are still a little noticeable. The reason for me coming on this forum is actually the dark spots on my arms and upper back.

Again, I never really had severe acne, and I wouldn't even say that I ever had acne on my arms, but I would get red bumps every once in a while on my arms, and it led me to pick...and pick....and pick...and pick. They weren't even acne half the time, but for whatever reason, I decided to pick at them like they were. My arms use to look normal, but after picking at the bumps and popping the few zits that I got on my arm, I am left with dark spots that are extremely embarrasing and have definitely had an impact on my self-confidence in short sleeves or even when swimming. Another thing I've noticed is that the marks do disappear fairly well when I am warm/hot, but when I get cold and get goosebumps, the spots are even darker and become extremely more noticeable.

I have been to the dermatologist once regarding this and was prescribed Hydro 35, a topical foam. This has helped a lot, and I definitely saw some improvement, but I have basically reached a plateau. I am going in for another appointment, and I am hoping that there may be stronger medication to help get rid of the marks, but I'll have to wait and see.

So, in the long run, what I am looking for from this community is answers to some of the questions I have, and suggestions for medication/treatment.

- Are these permanent scars, or are they dark spots that may eventually go away?

- What medication have you heard of that had a tremendous effect for someone in my situation in the past?

- Is there anyone else with similar spots/scars that can give me some advice?

- Has anyone else taken Hydro 35 before?

- Even if they do fade a little bit more, is this something I am pretty much stuck with for the rest of my life? (Unfortunately, I think I know the answer to this question cry.gif )

- I've done a little bit of looking around online...is there any evidence that laser treatment actually works? Is there any laser treatment that will make these marks almost completely disappear?

Image below: right arm (what I am most self-conscious about and worst area for dark spots/marks)


Image below: left arm (don't feel too bad about this arm, I think it looks pretty good, free of spots)


Image below: upper back (still self-conscious about this, but not as much as my arms, because I am the only one who sees it everyday)


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If I were to start using something like bio oil or AHA cream every day on top of the topical foam I am using now (Hydro 35 - http://www.quinnova.com/products/hydro35), would they interfere with each other at all? I really don't know much when it comes to the ingredients in all of these products and what they're meant to do, but I do know that Hydro 35 is dries out the skin in order to even it out, and I'm just apprehensive of using it in combination with a product that is meant to moisturize the skin. Seems like they would kind of cancel each other out.

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