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Frustrated--Question About Differin .1, Duac, & Minocycline

Hello everyone!

I just got back from a follow up derm appt and am just so frustrated! I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. I started breaking out over the summer on my neck and then my chin and then it spread to my cheeks and now is all over my face and I also have acne on my chest/back. I saw the derm back in August. I suggested duac because I had gone on that back in college when I was breaking out really bad and it cleared me up and I haven't had problems until now, I'm 24. I have been going through a really stressful time and have had alot of anxiety and depression so I'm not sure if that's part of it.

Anyways, I went on the duac along with doxycycline and after about 4 weeks wasn't seeing much improvement. I went back to the derm and he had me use differin every other day as well. I was just using that on my cheeks/chin where I was breaking out. I've been doing that for about 4 weeks or so and still haven't seen much improvement and also have been getting more acne on my cheeks/forehead, those are mostly little red dots, clogged pores I think. My forehead has also started to get really oily, which it never did before.

I just went to see the derm again to see what he thought and he said I should do the differin every day and could also up it to the .3% gel, which I'm just hesitant to do because my skin is sensitive. After saying that, he basically just wanted me to go on accutane. He said that the topicals could work, but that the accutane would definitely work and since I was getting some scarring he would suggest it. When I questioned him and asked about what else I could do, he just kept saying I could go on accutane or just keep trying the topicals and those *might* work. I also asked alot about my body acne and he said I could try differin on it, I've been using clean & clear 10% with benzoyl peroxide with 10% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment before.

Anyways, I think that I'm going to try the differin at night and duac in the morning for now and see if that helps. I'm just so frustrated and want to try a new derm in the Boston area but am so overwhelmed. I don't know if I should just stop using the topicals? And try something else?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. I just feel so discouraged and my derm didn't seem to really care all that much. He basically said we were just talking in circles and not getting much accomplished.

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