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After A Year Of Miserable Acne, How I Finally Resolved It

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking around this forum for the past year, but never signed up until today, which I am making my first post on how I solved my acne issue. For the past year, my acne increasingly got worse and I went on a hunt to put an end to it. I've become an expert on acne at this point due to the amount of research I've put into it. I am a 17 year old dude who lives in the city, so there are tons of "Acne treatments" from spa's and such to my availability, which prove to not be a resolution. I visited 3 dermatologists, went through many laser treatments, changed my diet, used holistic-at-home masks and toners, numerous topicals, a series of chemical peels,supplements etc. I understand how tedious the trial-and-error's are when in the search for a resolution. Acne made my life hell, there were gorgeous days in the summer where I refused to go outside because of it. As of now, I can say that my face is almost completely clear of inflamed acne and all that are left are a few comedones, scars and red marks. I don't feel embarrassed to go into public anymore. Beginning about 2 months ago, after going through numerous laser treatments from my dermatologist, she finally decided to put me on a regimine. I was so determined to get rid of my acne, that I stuck with this regimen and still do. The regimen she prescribed was Clindamycin Lotion in the morning, Differin at night and 1 tab of solodyn everyday. It does take patience to acquire results, but certainly in a month or 2 you should notice a difference. About every other night I use an exfoliator before I apply differin. The exfoliator certainly does help with the red marks.I also changed my diet, as I haven't eaten fast food, include vegetables and fruits everyday, and also meat/chicken. Certain people have better results with other treatments, but I figured I'd post mine in hopes of helping another acne sufferer out there. I wish all of you luck, and any questions feel free to ask!


-Clindamycin Lotion (Morning)


-Solodyn 80mg

-DermaC Vitamin A/Glycolic Acid Exfoliator

-Zinc 50mg

-Vitamin C 500mg

-3 Carrots


-Other vegies, protein

-About 90oz of Water a Day

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I'm so happy that you've found success with this regimen! I know the pain of not being able to enjoy a beautiful summer day over acne all too well and I hope that by next summer it will be an issue of the past for me as well. I also use Differin and have had great results with it. I am beginning to experiment with dietary changes and I was curious about what changes you tried. Let me know when you get the chance!

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Hey! I also plan on this being a phase of my teenage years that I'll be more than happy to forget! Unfortunately I had a bad breakout on one side of my face this week, I think it's due to my lack of maintaining the regimen the past week since the hurricane(I live in the city) Hmm basically I try to avoid sugary foods, I go to the gym so I do have protein bars and eat chicken/meat. Recently, I've been drinking Almond milk which tastes very similar to normal milk if not better, and is healthier for you! I drink tons of water throughout the day, I'll usually drink about 90oz just at the gym. The diet you wrote in your description is pretty similar to mine. How are the chemical peels going for your red marks?

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I know! I almost wish I went through this when I was younger because now all of my friends have nearly perfect skin because they've already been through their "acne stage". And I'm sorry about your breakout this week... I bet once you get back on track with your topicals it'll clear right up. Plus, I guarantee the people around you are so caught up with the hurricane aftermath to even notice! (Can't believe I just put a positive spin on a natural disaster...) But anyways, I received my first chemical peel from an esthetician at my derm's office a little over two weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with the results. My face was a little pink the next day, but my skin feels smoother overall and the majority of my hyper-pigmentation isn't even noticeable unless you're super close to my face. The only issue is that I've gotten two new bumps since the chemical peel so I have two new marks, but I do feel like my medicine is finally starting to kick in so hopefully I won't be getting too many more of those! I'm scheduled to get my next one a week from Monday and she'll probably apply more layers of the peel solution because I did well last time. In case you're interested, the name of the peel she used on me is Cosmedix's Blueberry Jessner Peel. If you go to their webpage (https://www.cosmedix...-a-professional) you can find places that use Cosmedix products in your area (I'm sure there will be plenty for you). My mom has also gotten a chemical peel by a different brand and had a good experience with hers as well so I think that the success of a peel has more to do with the person applying it than the brand of the peel itself.

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