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Hi! I'm a 29 year old female, and I never thought acne would impact my life in any signifcant way.

I would get the occasional horrible red zit (the painful ones), but nothing I couldn't handle. This past summer, I started dating someone new, and I think the combination of a new face being so close to mine + his awesome Greek facial hair irritated my skin, and it has not recovered since. I would classify my acne as moderate at its worst. I'll get the painful red pimples, and milia, plus the occasional whitehead (and it is all around my mouth area - are one of my lip balms the culpit?).

On top of all of this, I am a beauty and skin care blogger, so I have been testing and reviewing new products for several years! I've had to be a lot more careful with what I put on my face since I started breaking out. I always focused on natural skin care products, and I'd stay away from the majority of most drug store and department store brands (in most cases - high end ain't much better; save your money!) but I think several things have been irritating my skin for some time. I made a blog post going on about how great I thought Acne.Org is (after I first found the site), but I figured it was about time I joined and got involved!

I've ordered the big size of the cleanser, moisturizer, treatment, and regular-sized AHA from the Acne.org Store, and I cannot wait to try them. As someone who reviews skin care products (and I will be doing a thorough review on all the acne.org products I bought), I have to say I am impressed with several things about these goodies. First of all, they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, they are free of parabens (from what I've looked at so far), SLS, and other well-known irritants. Plus this community is so fabulous, and supportive, and having a positive attitude is a major help through any sort of stress, including acne.

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