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Hey everyone, after being so pissed off, angry and hating myself and being around anyone, i've decided to try the hollistic methods to try and beat this, been down the medical route, didn't help, and in my opinion doctors really couldn't care unless you have severe severe acne, i had tried about 12 different medications, creams, tablets, nothing worked, so you can imagine how i was feeling after this, but i kept my hopes up because i had another doctors appointment booked and i thought she would finally do something about it, went in feeling hopeful....to get told, no you are not getting accutane, i responded by saying, but i've tried everything else, the doctor then said 'it wouldn't help you' i had the urge to scream right in her face HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HELP ME, ALL THE SHIT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO FAR HAS DONE NOTHING, YET YOU CLAIM SOMETHING I HAVEN'T TRIED CAN'T HELP ME, im sorry, but are you a psychic, a fortune teller, god this experience has made me hate doctors, i won't be going to them no matter what condition i have anymore, have absolutely no faith in doctors anymore, so what i want to do is, get clear using dietary methods and walk right into my doctors office, also the same doctor who told me, diet has absolutely nothing do to with acne, and prove her wrong, they don't want to admit it because, honestly if we all discovered a cure through our diet, they wouldn't have a job, and this multi million acne industry would go down the toilet, i live for the day that i can look in the mirror and be clear and want to go to the gym and out with my friends again, i was clear 2 years ago, enjoying just turning 18 going to the gym, out clubbing with my friends, enjoying myself, then acne struck with a vengence, and ive been housebound now for hmmm 7 months, ive been out once this year with my friends and they keep asking me to go out with them, and i keep having to lie about why i can't go out, what makes this even harder is, both my best friends had severe acne, got accutane and now they are clear, i tell the doctor this and she disregards this, which is why i am determined to get clear myself and expose this disgusting skin industry for what it really is, a scam, honestly feel so low everytime i look in the mirror, seeing bumps, lumps, red marks, pores, blackheads everywhere, im pretty sure i've got mental problems from fighting this disease, i got referred to a psychologist weeks ago, but they still haven't phoned me to book an appointment, so im at rock bottom :(, only thing that cheers me up and keeps me going is listening to music, like this song by Avril Lavigne, who i also understand battled acne when she was younger :), feel like the lyrics talk to us acne sufferers, listen to the lyrics and you will see, love avril lavigne's songs :), Keep holding on.

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Doctors are only trained to prescribe drugs. The pharmacuetical industry controls the current medical model. You're making a smart choice curing your acne internally, because that is indeed where the root cause of acne begins. Any person that says diet has no effect on acne, just walk way from them.

I wish you the best of luck. I made a thread about curing acne internally, you may want to check that out.

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