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Benzoyl Peroxide Side Effects

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A little off topic: I am on the regimen right now... first off I would like to ask if this threatment is suitable for me as I don't think I am going to have bad skin forever.. I guess this is only because I am a teenager?

I read in different topics that you have to keep using the regimen forever to keep your acne away, but when I'm out of my teens and things are more calm, shouldn't the acne disapear of it self?

On topic:

I read a few places about the side effects to Benzoyl Peroxide, like cancer among other things that harms your skin permanentely.

Can anyone confirm/unconfirm this?

Thanks! :)

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I had been using benzoyl peroxide for around 5 years (now in my 30's) and just decided to stop using it as I have heard a lot of things- firstly it's very harsh on the skin- it bleaches my towels, and anything that bleaches towels I thought can't be good for your skin or blood stream!, I've also heard that its moved from category 1 to 3 in the FDA which is not a good thing if they are now saying they are less certain about its health risks and links!! I started using it as I had mild pimples and needed a new face cleanser, so I used it and it worked. But now I stopped using it due to those reasons I've mentioned and my skin has gone crazy!!!! I've never had acne this bad in my life! My skin is breaking out none stop and is soooo oily!! It's been 3 to 4 months since I've stopped using it and my skin still isn't balancing out!! It's true what the say about your skin becoming so addicted to it that when u stop using it your skin almost reacts completely worse to when u first stared using it! I'm now on glycolic acid based products and also stieva a (retin) cream. I know these products work for me as I used to have acne on my back in my 20's and they cleared it up. I've been using it 3 weeks but I need to keep using it for a least a couple of months before I see proper results. If your acne is severe I recommend seeing a dermatologist and getting their advice, you can ask them for what products they would recommend of your skin and if they suggest benzoyl peroxide I'd ask if there are any other alternatives!! There are many various acids (natural derive also) that fight acne, so do your research before commencing on a product.

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