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How To Beat The Last Little Bit Of Acne You Have Left

So i made this thread as a resource for people just like me. That is, people who have beaten severe cystic acne through whatever means and are now left with mild acne.

I, like most people, cured myself through the gut diet and a proper lifestyle change. Mostly. I've Said that so many times.

People who have beaten this mild acne are very welcome to say how they did it and how long it took.

I keep dabbling over the little acne i have left, saying i did this wrong or that wrong. I'm sure you do the same. So i made a list of all the factors i can think of.

I'm going to present all the factors/solutions i'm aware of, you're all very welcome to criticize and contribute <3:



You have insufficient gut flora- More probiotic sources

Leaky gut. You still have some instance of food particles penetrating you gut and causing inflammation- The GAPS diet

You eat too many carbs which cause insulin spikes on the gut/paleo diet- reduce carbs

You have a food intolerance- elimination diet

Your supplements are causing your acne- stop taking supplements

You do not stick to a cardanian sleep cycle- stick to the damn sleep cycle

You didn't get the right ratio of omega 3 to 6- eat more omega 3 preferably through food.

You're masturbating to much- become a Catholic

You have an estrogen imbalance, to much of the bad estrogen- Chemicals in car fumes, pesticides can all cause this. If your diet is right i say it's an unlikely factor.

Your just at that age were you get acne- ...I hear cigarettes age you

Your not getting enough exercise- get at least 30 mins of moderate exercise a day, like jogging or don't become a catholic.

You're not drinking enough water- .......

You're stressed- DON'T BE STRESSED

NOTE- I'm just presenting possible factors, they may not have any real substance to them. Avoiding all these is impossible and it's no way to live. However, for some it might just be worth it to avoid ONE of the above, IF you've only got mild acne. I will post more on each topic if people bump for interest.

Solutions that i'm trying now:

Zinc- 60mg a day for 72 days. No obvious improvement

Vitamin E -400iu a day for 72 days. No obvious improvement

Omega 3 1000mg a day for 72 days. No obvious improvement

Evening primrose oil- 1000mg a day. No obvious improvement

Vitamin D- 2000iu a day. No obvious improvement

Green tea extract- 850mg a day. No obvious improvement

Green tea toner. Reduces oiliness greatly, but still hasn't gotten rid of my mild acne.


Drinking 6 cups of green tea a day- Unclear as to whether it reduced my acne (no pun intended) but i was clear for a while whilst doing this.


So i guess it's time to explain my situation.

I'm 17 years old, I had severe acne but beat it through the gut diet. I used to get cysts all over my body but now i only get small spots on my legs and face. I eat very well, i eat pretty much only veg and meat now. i don't eat dairy anymore. Until a couple of weeks ago i ate fermented dairy such as kefir and yogurt, in concordance with the gut diet's rules. I'm 4 months in to the gut diet treatment and i've eaten all the probiotic sources i can find. The thing that urged me to make this post was that people after having completed the treatment, still had mild acne. I was on accutane for 6 months whilst on the gut diet, and i'm sure it wasn't the accutane that cured me otherwise my acne would be much worse ( i didn't even finish the treatment). The acne i get i can barely feel if i actually touched it with my fingers. They're just very small red lumps. I just want to know what causes my acne.

I'll be willing to try anything you guys think'll work. wink.png

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Chromium, magnesium, zinc is the only thing that has ever worked for my severe acne, oh yea and sulfur instead if Bp. Still have scars so I guess I'm still fucked either way.

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