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How Do I Treat This Cyst/nodule With What I Have?

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I have this nodule/cyst on my chin for the past 3 days and I have put PanOxyl 10%Benzoyl Peroxide Acnegel on it. I don't know if its help but I've reached a point where the cyst/nodule kind of dried out so there was dry skin over it, I picked it, and now there's red skin on it instead (kind of understand I hope). I haven't popped it, just got rid of the dry skin. However now I'm left with how to treat it. I have 3 possible solutions to put on it, I have Dalacin T 10mg/g Clindamycinum, Roaccutan Gel Isotretinoin 0,05% and PanOxyl 10%Benzoyl Peroxide Acnegel. To be honest, I don't know if either of these products work on my white heads, cysts/nodules, black heads and pimples. I don't have severe acne by any means but I do get the occasional cysts/nodules and I have black heads on my nose and a lot of white heads on my chin which I can not seem to get rid of. Any product help or whatever will be greatly appreciated. I live in Switzerland so your suggestions might not be available here.

I tend to pick on my acne a lot to hopefully make it look better or so I can use a cover up stick during the day at school. Furthermore, can anyone suggest anything to put on spot/cyst which has been popped and thus healing with dry skin trying to cover it up?

Thanks, the acne I get just really brings down my confidence and such so I'm desperate to sort it out.

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First of all please don't let this get you down!!! You are amazing! Relax and remember that you are going to be okay. You will beat this and you will learn so much through the journey. :)

As far as the topical treatments you're speaking of, I'm not even familiar. But please, please, PRETTY PLEASE QUIT your picking habit! Not sure if you are a girl or a dude, but my mindset used to be "well a flat red mark is easier to cover with makeup than a raised white head" but when I quit picking I realized that it was actually CAUSING a lot of my pimples to COME BACK! I know my skin isn't perfect but it is a lot better than it was when I was picking for sure!

Seriously, begin by trying to stop picking in a less noticeable area of your face, around your jawline or hairline if you have long hair... and watch how that spot will clear up and STAY CLEAR as opposed to where you pick. Plus your scarring will be minimized by leaving your face alone.

Try lavender oil to help a freshly broken pimple heal... It helps the inflammation a lot. It's also a natural antibacterial so any acne bacteria you've released by picking will be killed, preventing it from causing more breakouts.

Bottom line: pimples go away so much faster when you leave them alone. When I get the urge I remind myself, "my skin is built to do this job, it knows what it's doing. It doesn't need my intervention!"

Take care~

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