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Hello everyone, im a 25 year old female with mild acne.

I have what my doctor described to me as "ivy" acne. Its like tiny little pimples under my skin that you wouldnt notice until you're in my face, but gives an overall rough texture to my skin. From years of dealing with it/picking i have small acne scars (most do not have hyperpigmentation) all over which adds to an even worse looking texture.

I also occationally get really bad breakouts esp by my chin. with large painful pimples under the skin but never cysts.

I would say im lucky compared to what most people with acne have to deal with, but its still frustrating and unattractive.

Along with that am beginning to get fine lines.

So, for the past couple years I was using dermalogica to keep breakouts at bay. However, it seemed to stop working and I found acne.org. I ordered the regime and used it. I did not like the treatment, mainly because Im not a fan of benzyl peroxide. As i said im 25 so aging is becoming a concern and as an oxidizing agent im not so sure im comfortable enough to warrent putting it on my skin when my acne while its an issue, isnt obnoxious.

The facewash did clear up my skin, but it drys my skin out and occationally caused flaking ... I learned quickly u really have to wash it off fast.

I do use the moisterizer, even though it doesnt absorb right away it doesn't cause me to breakout like alot of moistureizers so i like the product.

I got the regime two months ago and im almost done the facewash.this is my issue...

My doctor prescribed me tretinoin cream .025% a month ago. I experienced a tiny tiny initial breakout for like 3 days that quickly went away. I occationally get mild redness around my mouth area and Flaking. But combined with the regimes facewash my skin is super dry.... its not the flaking that bothers me so much its just my skin looks so aged. i wear moistuerizer everyday and on the nights i dont use retin -a i use serum moisterizer but I lost my "dewy" youthful glow. So heres my question, is the regimes facewash too harsh to use with retin-a or have you guys found it best to use both in a regime? Do you think I should stop using the regimes facewash and switch to a gentler one?

the good news is I havent gotten 1 new pimple...and my old acne is going away! but i cant wear makeup and in pictures my skin looks terrible. what brand of facewash do you guys use in combo? do you have an reccomendations for moisture therapy?



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