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My Acne Regimen, Any Tips Or Advice?

After lots of research I think I've come up with something that will help my acne. Ive had mild to severe acne since I was 15, im 19 now. I've tried everything from benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, clindoxyl, multiple face washes and cleansers.

Here is my new regimen:

  • Drink lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach and at night (recently got from another redditor)

  • Wash face with a 2% salicylic acid cleanser in the morning and before bed

  • apply a clindoxyl gel in the morning

  • Use a 1:1 apple cider vinegar toner before bed

  • I also change my pillow case every night

Besides all of this I take 2 multivitamins a day, and my diet is very clean. Im currently trying a week long detox, nothing but veggies, some fruit and a little meat, also with some green tea. After that I plan on dropping milk and sugar out of my diet.

Does anyone have any advice, tips, or criticism?

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So how bad is your acne exactly? I use reddit myself and i have to say it's a pretty shite place for acne advice.

You need to address the underlying cause of your acne- primarily the inflammatory factors.

Most people who go into holistics will try the paleo diet, or restoring the bacteria in your gut. They do this because the bacteria breakdown food further and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. I used to have severe acne but then i started eating fermented foods in unison with cutting out grains and shazzam! the cysts are gone. I'm basically clear now, but i can put that down to not finishing the treatment yet, i've still got 2 months left. I'm going as a success story on the site. Message me if you want further information

http://gutflora.com/?p=344 heres the site with details on what the treatment. After you've finished the treatment you can eat pizza and sugar on occasions without issue.

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