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Addition To Retin-A Micro Regimen?

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Hi! I was wondering if any other things (AHA, salicylic acid, etc) that would compliment my Retin-A Micro 0.04 regimen?

my doctor told me to use BP wash in the morning, but BP usually dries me out bad. And Im already dry with Retin-A!

so yeah if you guys have any info or personal experiences, share!

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I can only tell you about what I've been doing so far and what's sort of worked for me. I say sort of because I'm about week 13 or so and I'm still getting breakouts now and then, though I've still noticed a lot of improvements. My regimen right now consists of:


Wash with Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Wait 30 minutes

Apply 5% BP(just enough to cover my face)

Wait 30 minutes

Apply NeoStrata Smoothin Cream Level 2(basically an 8% glycolic acid or aha like Dan's)


Wash with Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Wait 30 minutes

Apply 0.5% Retin A

Wait 30 minutes

Apply Cetaphil Mositurizer.

My old regimen before retin a was something like that but I still kept getting breakouts and I had tones of pink and red marks from old acne and every pimple seemed to leave some sort of pigmentation behind that would take months to fade! I was convinced the BP was making it harder for my skin to turn over. So when I started retin a I dropped the BP and NeoStrata and just washed and moisturized with retin a but I kept getting breakouts. That's when I got fed up and realized I probably needed something to kill the bacteria on my skin because the retin a couldn't do that, so I started using my BP again and found it's helped a lot. I know some people use BP face washes while on retin a but I find them overdrying and I feel the BP left on the skin gets right in there. You could always try the 2.5% of BP if you're scared of the overdrying. Personally I have very sensitive skin that tends to get dry very easily but this regimen has been working out so far. I say figure out what's worked for you in the past and try to work that in with the retin a. Just don't mix the retin a and BP or SA at the same time as that can be irritating and cancel each other out.

And if you are interested in a good AHA I highly recommend the NeoStrata products! Their smoothing cream is supposed to be moisutrizing on top of exfoliating but I personally find it can be overdrying at times. That being said, it is very gentle on the skin and hasn't caused me irritation from it and it comes in 3 different precentages or levels, I find level 2 which is right in the middle to be perfect as the higher one might be a bit too strong for some people. A jar of that stuff lasts about 3 or so months for me and you don't need lots as it spreads easily. It's the only aha aside from the one from Dan on this site, that I've liked and that's worked well. It's about $38 here in Canada which is pricey but not too pricey for the amount I figure.

Anyway, those are my suggestions. I hope some of it is helpful :D

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