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Shaving Always Brings Me Back To Square One

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I decided to just let my beard grow for a week and I didn't break out at all and had zero redness. I had to shave today and holy hell, my face looks like a bear mauled it. Absolutely terrible.

It doesn't matter what razor or cream I use, its the same result and then I break out again. Not shaving is not an option. Don;t know what to do anymore.

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I shave every other day and that seems for me to be the best time to do it . If my beard is too long or too short when I shave, my skin flares up.

@ kin92 - electric shavers causes me more aggravation. They also dont work that well imho. Guess my hair is too tough or something. Might work for gforce tho.

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Shaving is difficult to get right but i may be able to offer some tips.


Only one razor has ever done it for me. Gillette sensor excel


Anything oil free and non comedeogenic. The acne.org cleanser is very good to shave with.


To minimize irritation shaving everyday is best. Less hair means less irritation. Use long confident strokes when shaving. Don't hack at it and be smooth. Take your time

Most importantly DO NOT SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN. This will cause all sorts of hell.

Keep the razor clean. I typically swap my razor head every week. The blade loses it's sharpness after a week if shaving everyday and you don't want a blunt razor.

After shaving rinse your face with warm water, pat dry.

Do your treatment and see how you go for a few weeks.

Also, before shaving. Would suggest shaving after showering so your face has had plenty of time under the warm water.

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My face always looks good after I shave. I shave after a shower, so my hairs are nice and soft. I use Trader Joe's shave cream. Its good stuff. I use a disposable razor. Some huge pack from Costco. I use it once, then throw it away. I ALWAYS splash my face with cool water after I shave. You should too. It works really great to help any irritation.

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