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Questions For Those With Pcos

just wanting to hear from pcos sufferers regarding weight and if people have maintained their weight? or just anyones experiences with weight?

also if you're considered skinny and have pcos does that mean you will gain a lot of weight?

just another question,

I'm an identical twin (as identical as it gets) and my sister doesnt have the hormonal acne issue that I have and I'm wondering if its possible that I have pcos and she doesnt? she had acne as a teen but i didn't. we both went on birth control and I got have 2 years ago very hormonal whilst she hasn't had any issues.

at the moment I have the androgen symptom regarding pcos, I'm not exactly overweight (55kg) and Im tall, it doesnt run in the family but then again i heard that pcos affects 1 in 5 woman and I have 4 sisters so the odds may not be in my favor :/

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I have PCOS too and I'm think also. It's important to realize that not everybody gets all the symptoms of PCOS. Your sister might have some hormonal issues but they're not showing in the way that yours are.

Also, just because you're identical doesn't stop you being - in actuality - two seperate individuals.

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Even the immune systems of twins can be different. Just because they look the same on the outside doesn't mean you are on the inside. It is not a necessary symptom to be overweight with PCOS. I know a lot of people who indeed have gained tons of weight and infact stopped menstrual cycle altogether (but they are very serious cases). I myself have never been overweight, but I also wasn't "slim" when I should have been (eating right and working out a lot). So, I'd say PCOS makes it very hard to lose weight but it does not necessitate random weight gain. Only in some cases. PS: Birth control is a bad, bad thing.

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