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I Am On The Way To Winning This Battle!

Ok so I have been dealing with acne since I was in middle school, so about 12 years old. At first it wasn't that bad, I could cover it up and still feel confident enough to go to school. Once I got into high school though it was so bad that I eventually left public school and joined a charter school, which is similar to independent study. I just graduated high school from a charter school this last May 30 and started college in August. I am so self-conscious that I decided to take online classes, because I did not want to have to go to class 5 days a week. Back to my skin, I was about to give up because nothing was working. One day though I decided to go on the internet and do some research, by watching videos of others suffering from acne on YouTube and seeing what worked for them. I also did some research on Google about acne and that is what led me to what has been helping clear up my acne. On a person's blog a lady was praising this regimen that worked for her and she had cystic acne that she got after having a child. So I decided to try it. It has been maybe a week and my acne is almost gone. I still have some on my forehead which is my trouble spot and a couple small ones on my cheeks, but it is way better than it was before. What I have been using is an all-natural facial cleanser that you make yourself. It has sunflower seed oil and castor oil in it, and I know that may seem weird but it actually does work.

Here is a link to the webpage if you would like to try this: http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/

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