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. . .and People Wonder Why Some Of Us Hide Ourselves Away All Day!


The headline of this article is . . .

The zit parade: New iPhone app transforms anyone into a spotty monster

Basically it's an iphone app that allows users to make pictures of people look uglier. So the tone of this artice is spots immediatley equals ugly!

. . . .oh and we're all monsters, good to know.

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That's actually very upsetting.

I can't believe someone decided to make that and that people use it!! What does that say about those people!? So insecure about their own appearance that they want to make fun of already beautiful people by using this or make fun of those that do unfortunately deal with acne... I guess they don't understand how horrible acne is to deal with in every possible way.

I really don't like any of these apps that distort appearance in ways that can be offensive to some, like the one that makes people look fat. And now there's this one.

I hope it's not something that becomes really popular. I'd really want to hide away then.

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Hate to play devils advocate here but no one is forcing anyone to use it or buy it.

Why let something like this bother you? It shouldn't impact on anyone's life here.

Fact of the matter is there are any one of a hundred things that can offend at any given time. The only thing that really matters is how we deal with that.

Just don't allow silly articles like this get to you. It's the daily mail as well which is a loud of crap.

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