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Something Not Working

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Hi all. I have a question for you and would like to hear some opinions. I have started using the regimen in August and was working fine. I had light acne, some whitehead and blackspots but I was looking to clear them and some previous marks. I did the regimen step by step and everything was working fine but after a month something changed and I started having cysts (I can't remove them, they are really deep in my skin,they hurt...) and I never had cysts before...

I had to stop the regimen because the moisturizer run down and after my new package arrived I started again. As before, my face reacts nice for 3 weeks and them I get awful cysts....I tend to pick a lot it that doens't help...

My questions are:

- should I stop the treatment?

- has this happend before to someone?

- could it be menstruation related? but I didn't have cysts before...

my skin is clearer and nice...but I have cysts now, so my acne got worse. Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance,


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I have had this type of acne and in my case it was most definitely related to my cycle. I had cysts , or rather large red hard bumps that some times came to a head, but often did not, that appeared when I was following the treatment to the letter.

There are some good posts on androgens on this site. I would go to my doctor and mention to her that for a few months I had these seemingly random cyst-like acne flare ups and she would say I had "an androgen attack". They came and went... I used Epiduo and an oral antibiotic ...but mostly I've learned hormones and acne are a tough combination.

There is a member on this forum who seems to have a lot of information on androgens ... I believe their member name is "cvm"

Oh sorry..."cvd"

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